The stars that chose designs from the T. Plodowski collection at the Pre-Awards DPA Luxury Talent Lounge at the Luxe Hotel Rodeo in Bevery Hills. This event was in Los Angeles on the 14 and 16th of September, 2017.
T. Plodowski's collection was presented upon the invitation of the President of the DPA, Nathalie Dubois.

Guest List

  • abigail pionswki, 10 days
  • al jean , prod the simpsons
  • alessandra mastronardi (master of none)
  • alex rudzinsky, hairspray live direct
  • alexandra billings and wife crisanne (transparent)
  • aliyah moulden, the voice
  • allen maldonado, show nom "black-ish" (abc)
  • allison and chloe coleman
  • allisyn ashley arm, astrid clover
  • alyvia alan lind, dolly  show nom and her guest  barbara alyn woods-( one tree hill) 
  • ann dowd, nom*handmaidstale sup actress
  • barbara alyn woods, one tree hill
  • barbra held, prod emmys
  • benjamin weiss, and howard barish prod 13th 
  • born this way cast: john tucker, rachel osterbach, sean mcelwee
  • brandon k. hampton plus partner sarah better call saul
  • bruce dern, netflix with redford and fonda f
  • bruce miller and wife. prod handmaid
  • camille hyde, american vandal, netflix
  • cara buono
  • carly gibson, the guest book
  • casey burke, the middle
  • chelsea werner  athlet down syndrome 1030
  • christa dallas
  • christian lanz, voice over
  • christopher jacksonhamilton, currently starring in bulland performer
  • cornelius smith jr, scandal
  • dale stern, direct veep
  • dalton cyr, pretty little liars
  • darcy rose byres (elena
  • dee bradley baker, american dad
  • denise boutte, meet the brown
  • denise burse, Greenleaf and black mirror
  • denise crosby  ray donovan
  • dennis quaid, american crime (versace crime) and presenter
  • dominic burgess, feud
  • dylan riley snyder influencer
  • eddie perez, won creative emmys for shameless
  • elise doganieri, amazing race nom
  • eliza jay schneider south park show nom +2 (no gifts)
  • erica lutrell, salvation
  • felix solis, lead 10 days in the valley
  • fred willard, modern family show nom
  • gavin stenhouse and his wife, jess,show nom.  black mirror
  • geoffrey colo, marvels prod
  • georgia pritchett writer veep
  • giancarlo esposito, better call saul
  • gillian estell, black or white black or white
  • hannah norberg, dolly
  • hans charles - nominated this year for an emmy award for  13th cinematographer
  • helene segara, big french singer
  • hiro murai, atlanta
  • iain armitage, plus 2 big little lies and presenter and new show young sheldon
  • minjin altansukh- actress and internet personality/social influencer
  • ijoey luthman  influencer
  • allisyn ashley arm influencer
  • ivy george (big little lies) *
  • jaffe cohen, prod feud
  • j lee, the orville
  • j. lee, orville
  • j. mallory-mccree, homeland
  • jade petty john, school of rock
  • jaffe cohen, cretor feud plus michael zam
  • jake busey, ray donovan
  • james dumont law and order
  • james hillier the crown, show nom
  • jeff meacham blackish
  • jenny gabrielle only the brave lifetime
  • jim armogida
  • jim armogida
  • jmallory mc cree homeland
  • jocko sims (masters of sex, i’m dying up here) from tnt’s the last ship
  • john savage and blamca blanco
  • john tucker, born this way
  • john weber
  • jommy jean louis ,claws
  • joseph boccia, prod handmaid
  • joy nash, star dietland
  • jude normand, 230 seal team
  • karibel rodriguez, the last ship
  • kat khavari ,big little lies
  • kat khavari, big little lies
  • kate denis (1030) direct nom handmaid
  • kate linder,
  • kelsey scott , nom fear the walking dead
  • kelvin yu, bobs burgers and master of none
  • kim estes
  • kim estes, emmy winner short
  • kim wannop, emmy winner
  • kira snyder
  • kristal vip for nath *
  • lauren adams, unbreakable kimmy
  • lawrence bender, kill bill prod and new tv serie
  • lee metzger, ep the voice plus wife michele?
  • leslie jone,s nom and snl
  • lorenzo soriasand lila
  • lotte verbeek (outlander)
  • lyndon smith(white famous) and katrina bowden (30 rock)
  • mandy moore, choreographer , nom and winner
  • mark armstrongnight of
  • mark porterfield, fear the walking dead prod
  • mary mouser, scandal
  • melanie mosley the guest book tbs
  • melora hardin transparent
  • melora hardin, transparent
  • michael zam, creator feud
  • mindy sterling, double nominee best actress short form comedy or drama
  • ming na wen, agent of shield
  • mo collins, nom
  • mo collins, nominee best voice actor "f is for family"
  • molly hagan, dr in big little lies 
  • morgan sackett, pm
  • nathan ross- jean marc vallee, big little lies
  • nbc shoot very very early (call time 430am for some brands)
  • nicole allowitz, stylist access hollywood
  • nigel lythgoe, ep nom
  • nina kiri will be attending with a guest, morin gougain the handmaid
  • nisha ganatra, better things direct and prod
  • noah pink, creator genius
  • noelle bercy
  • patrick sabongui  "the flash" and "homeland"
  • paul simms, atlanta ep
  • peter mackenzie black ish show nom
  • peter macon (shameless, bosch) from seth macfarlane new fox series the orville
  • phoebe neidhardt and her guest marissa upchurch sillicon
  • raymond mcanally, black mirror
  • ross marquand, the walking dead
  • ruby imes, school of rock
  • ruby imes, school of rock show nom
  • sam rubin, channel 5
  • samuel baum, wizard of lies writer
  • sandra vidal  bold and beautiful
  • shaun toub, homeland
  • skylar gray - cbs newest show “me, myself & i”
  • sonya balmores, star inhumans
  • stefanée martin , the get down
  • steve armogida plus wife
  • steven bauer, ray donovan
  • sundiata gaines nba salt lake==
  • susan sarandon, nom, nath does tour
  • susie abromeit, jessica jones
  • suzanne scryer
  • tamberla perry
  • teo cohen and georgia pritchett, writers prod vepp nom
  • travis willingham, sofia
  • tyler lepley, the have and have not plus lana pr
  • vanessa j marshall, voice star wars
  • vernon sundiata gaines is a nba allstar who has transitioned into acting
  • viola davis, nom and julius tennon husband
  • yolanda ross, the get down, the chi
  • yvonne strahovski in handmaids tale trip bali per laura
  • zachary arthur, transparent
  • Tahaa trips

    1. Fred Willard, modern family
    2. 2. Nigel Lythgoe, nominee American idol…
    3. sam baum, writer wizard of lies
    4. jean marc vallee, emmy winner Big Little lies director
    5. leslie jones, snl
    6. Dennis quaid, presenter
  • 7.cara Bueno, stranger things
  • 8.ian Armitage big little lies and young Sheldon and presenter
  • 9.susan Sarandon, nominee feud
  • 10.anne dowd, nominee and winner handmaid’s tale
  • 11. steven bauer ray Donovan (j ai pas donne 11 mais j ai merdouille sur un nom)
  • Soori bali Trips

    1. Jean marc Vallee, director Big little lies, emmy winner
    2. 2. Dennis quaid, presenter
    3. 3. Lotte Verbeek, outlander and blacklist
    4. Yvonne strahovski, handsmaid tale
    5. Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking bad
    6. 6. Viola davis, nominee best actress
    7. leslie jones, nominee from Saturday night live
    8. jimmy jeasn louis from heroes and Claws
    9. Nathan ross Producer Big little lies
    10. steven bauer, scarface and ray donovan

    Oregon trips

    1. kate dennis, winner handmaid tale director
    2. hans charles, cinematograpger emmy winner for 13th
    3. 3. suzanne cryer, silicon valley
    4. james hillier, the crown
    5. peter mc kenzie, blackish
    6. kevin yu , bobs burger
    7. jmallory mc cree , homeland
    8. jake busey, ray donovan
    9. yvonne strahovski, handmade tale
    10. noah pink, genius creator or dominic burgess feud  (forgot which one)
  • medias who came
  • NBC Today in LA , aired 4 times
  • Silvia Bizzio
  • *KTLA giveaway
  • Preity. Santa Monica Observer
  • Jesus Figueroa plus camera
  • Joy parrish, rich girl
  • Jodi jackson
  • Erwin Glaub, the experience
  • JETSET MAG, Nicole muj
  • Bonnie
  • Federica volpe
  • Effie magazine
  • *L empereur magazine
  • Gotham
  • Jetset
  • *Chris gardner thr